Saturday, 25 September 2021

Remote Learning Week 10


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Reading Choice Board

Choose one activity to complete each day for at least 20min. You may not complete the same activity twice in one week. 

Cook or bake with a bubble buddy and you be in charge of reading the recipe

Build a fort and read inside it.

Listen to someone read you a story.

Read a comic, magazine or graphic novel.

Read to a bubble buddy.

Read in a dark place with a torch

Read with a stuffed toy or animal.

Times Table Champ

Have a family member test you on a selected times table e.g. x12, x5, x6. Choose 5-10 facts that you found more difficult and practice them a few times every day, so that you can answer any of the questions quickly.

Extra Challenge: Have a family member test you on your times tables and related family of facts!

       E.g.  4 x 6 = 24

 6 x 4 = 24

 24 ÷ 4 = 6

 24 ÷ 6 = 4

¼ of 24 = 6

⅙ of 26 = 4

Lockdown Magazine

Your task is to create a page for our Lockdown Magazine “Kids Mayhem”.  We will put it altogether to create an online magazine that everyone can


You could include a news article on something you have done during lockdown.

You could include jokes and poems. 

You could include cartoons or drawings that you’ve done.

You could include photographs you have taken. 

You could write a story - it’s all up to you.

Let your imagination and creativity create a page that will interest and cheer up your fellow classmates.   

TUHI-Ā-WHAKAHUA (SPELLING):  Practise your spelling word lists everyday! Write them into a sentence to show the meaning of the word. 

Offline Learning Wiki 10, Term 3


Research, design and make your Crazy Hat ready to wear for our famous school celebration...CRAZY HAT DAY!  (Early Term 4)

THANK YOU Certificates!

Design and make fabulous certificates to say thank you to all your helpful Bubble Buddies!  

Native Bird Cafe

Attract native birds to your garden by setting up a feeding station/cafe. Trial different stations and see which proves to be most popular.  What will you serve at your bird cafe?  Many of our native birds LOVE to eat nectar, fruit, and insects. Before you start feeding native birds, it is important to make sure your backyard is a safe place for them to visit.


Twisted Recipe Challenge!

Choose a recipe for something you would like to make. E.g.

After making  it once, reflect on how you could twist the recipe to make it even more delicious.  Twists could include: adding ingredients, taking away ingredients, changing the quantities of ingredients, changing the steps.

Spring Bird Art

Set your crafty arty skills wild!  Learn how to draw super cute spring birds then design your own artwork featuring as many of the Spring Birds as you choose. 

Balloon Battle

Survival of the Fittest


  •  1 inflated balloon

  • 2 bubble buddies, ready to battle

Aim: don’t let the balloon touch the ground!  

How to Play:

  1. Choose a venue (lounge room, bedroom, playroom, garage etc).

  2. Take turns to tap the balloon into the air.

  3. If the balloon touches the ground your buddy wins a point. (the balloon may bounce off walls, furniture and objects.)

  4. If you tap the balloon twice you lose a point.

  5. If an adult growls at you, you lose a point.

  6. If you break an object or injure a person you are disqualified.

  7. First person to 7 wins.

  8. Winner has the right to choose the same venue or a new one.

Who will be the Balloon Battle Champion in your Bubble?

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Remote Learning W9: Offline Tasks

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Read for at least 20 minutes everyday.

What happened next!?

Choose a book that you have read

recently and predict what happens

to the main character later in their life.

Write a few sentences about what

happens to them:

One day later…

One month later….

5 years later….

Use a timer to record how long it takes you to do

these activities.

Record your results in a table. Do you get faster

each day??

15 star jumps 

15 high knees

15 sit ups

15 squats

15 lunges





25 sec

25 sec

23 sec



46 sec

48 sec

47 sec

Write a story about
this little critter! 

Tell us where it lives,
what it likes to eat
and do! Does it go
on an adventure and
discover a new place?

TUHI-Ā-WHAKAHUA (SPELLING):  Practise your spelling word lists everyday!

Write them into a sentence to show the meaning of the word. 

Offline Learning Wiki 9, Term 3

Make a sanitation station table for school!

When we are back at school in Level 2, everyone will need to use hand sanitiser before entering (and leaving) a classroom. 

Handwashing and sanitising is one of the easiest and most effective ways of minimising the spread of germs and keeping everyone healthy.

Use your researching and planning skills to formulate a design first.   Then unleash your inner Bob the Builder and create your station!  Remember that your station must survive living outside and meet the measurements below.  

Your table needs to be at least:
60cm high
50cm long
30cm wide


Make a critter!  

Aunty George is a Waiheke artist who makes little critters out of upcycled materials.

Task: design and make your own Aunty George inspired critter.

  • Your critter must be sewed from upcycled materials or drawn on paper/computer.

  • Your critter must have a unique name 

  • You can create as many critters as you like!

Please share photos of your critter via email - we can’t wait to meet them!

Enter Waiheke’s Youth Art Competition!
This is an awesome opportunity to create some art and maybe win yourself $1000! Your artwork can be made of anything! You could use wire, clay, coloured pencils, paint, natural materials, stuff from your recycling and more. There are digital art, photography, sculpture and māori art categories each with their own awesome prizes.

Waiheke Youth Art Awards Ngā Tohu Toi Rangatahi o Waiheke is a competition for all under 18 youth who live on Waiheke Island. Entry is online providing a photo of your work, a file or a link.

ENTRY CLOSES 5pm Sunday 10th October 2021


You can enter the competition up to five times. Each occasion must be a separate entry and a unique piece of art.

All you need to do to enter is fill in your details here and provide a photo of your artwork. 

Enter the Great Kererū Count of 2021! New Zealand’s biggest citizen science project. 

Spend 10 - 30 minutes in your backyard and record how many kererū you see.

Record your information in a table like this and then either send a photo to your kaiako OR enter your data on the website here.


1 Ocean View Road, Oneroa

Time & Day

22 September

Observation time

15 minutes

Number of Kererū seen


PE Challenges!   

Here are some ideas for getting active outside this wiki!

Run or Ride:

Run non stop for as many  minutes as you’ve had birthdays, i.e.- if you’re 9 yrs old, run for 9 mins. Or go for a bike/scooter ride for double the mins as you’ve had birthdays, i.e.- 18 mins. 


Develop your ability to juggle 2 balls in one hand or 3 balls in two hands. Set yourself a goal to achieve by the end of the week. 

Kick Golf

Set up 9 targets (trees, bucket, chairs) as ‘holes’ around your house or outside space.

Decide on a start point. The aim is to use as few kicks as possible to hit the target. This is your score for the hole. Use the target as the start point for the next hole. Once you complete all 9 ‘holes’ add them together, this is your final score.

Science Baking Making!

Put the following ingredients into a mug. 

• 4 tablespoons plain flour 

• 2 tablespoons caster sugar 

• ¼ teaspoon baking powder 

• 1 small/medium egg 

• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 

• 2 tablespoons water 

Stir the ingredients together thoroughly using a fork. Cook the mixture in the microwave on full power for 2 minutes.

Then make the recipe 5 more times, but each time leave out a different ingredient. What will it taste/look/feel like when there is no sugar? No egg? No baking powder.

Have a think about the role of each of the ingredients in the cake. Record your thoughts on paper!